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Camera Shy? Some Tips to Ooze Confidence in your Wedding Photos.

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Social Media and sharing an abundance of images online has become a huge characteristic of societal culture, yet many of us still feel slightly uncomfortable or unnatural in front of a lens.

Bride Looks Away from the Camera for a Candid Appearance

Whether it’s not knowing what to do with our hands or finding ourselves appearing somewhat terrified, the majority of us struggle with our hang ups when it comes to posing in front of a camera.

A good wedding photographer should help you feel at ease when collaborating on the shoot, however being prepared certainly doesn’t do any harm either.

Find your Light!

You've lived in your body your whole life, obviously, therefore you have learnt which side you prefer to be photographed, your body shape and your best angles.

Your photographer will be looking out for any harsh shadows on the face potentially obscuring facial features or flat lighting creating non dimensional portraits and unappealing skin tones, however that's not to say you can complacently rely wholly on the photographer themselves.

By understanding some basic principles, you and your photographer will have an easier time of understanding each other. You can help make their editing process a little less of a headache (although the copious amounts of coffee doesn't help with that either) and offer valuable input when generating ideas.

When engaging in a photoshoot session, be aware of the position of the light source and use this to your advantage - look upwards, to the side and use that beautiful light to bounce off your features, enhancing your face shape and illuminating your skin. Keep your neck elongated and back straight. This avoids appearing slouched and instead visibly taller, slender and more confident in your photos.

A Glowing Bride

Try to remember to keep your legs side-on to the camera when sitting to maintain a sophisticated and classy look (lets avoid those crotch shots), this will exaggerate the length of your limbs. If you're not usually a stiletto kind of girl (or guys), even short heels or wedges can enhance leg shape and muscle tone.

For my shooting style, I prefer to have the sun behind my models allowing the glorious warm glow of sunlight to flood in, highlighting hair and creating an 'angel like' aura form around my subject. It also helps create a dream like, romantic effect to my final images.

If you’ve opted for a pre-wedding engagement shoot, this is the perfect time to get to know your photographer. You can discuss your style requirements, any worries or concerns you may have and get a feel for being in front of the camera. This will also help prepare you for the day ahead and to get some good practice in, not to mention some invaluable tips from your tog.

Engagement Sessions; Keep it Cas’ & Comfy.

For your pre-wedding engagement shoot, give consideration to your attire. Heels for a beach shoot probably wouldn’t be your best bet, so bring some spare shoes that you know you will feel comfortable in. Bare feet is also a great option for a sweet and natural feel to a shoot, especially beaches, therefore a little prep the night before (and lets face it, any excuse for a pedicure is a win) can help you focus less on how those toes look and more focus on looking cute.

Think about the location of your shoot and your clothing choices, if going for a beach shoot (as you may have guessed I’m obsessed with them), try to wear colours such as soft blue jeans for example. Your photographer should help direct you on this however.

Wearing clothes that compliment your skin tone can make a huge difference. Avoid wearing anything too tight or too restrictive. You want to look as relaxed as possible during your shoot, this is crucial to my shooting process and with the best will in the world I can crack jokes and help you feel at ease in your environment, but if you’re wearing clothes that induce feelings of self-consciousness, there’s not a lot any photographer can do about this.

Bring spares! If the dreaded self-doubt does creep in, have a back-up plan. Bring a spare outfit to get comfortable in first, you may decide go back to your chosen clothes later on in the shoot.

These are just a few tips to help prepare you for your session, when booking with myself I listen to your needs and desired outcomes for your photos. It is of significant importance to me to always listen and understand my client as well as offering advice and tips to help you achieve your dream shoot.

Make your friends jealous, show off on social media and look like a magazine bride with multiple photography packages to suit your budget. Gain photos to cherish for a lifetime and spend quality time with your hubby-to-be in a fun, energetic and romantic photoshoot. Book online today or email me at hello@zoebutters.com.

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