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A Marketing Design Case Study - Engaging Posts for your Social Media.

Naomi Cooper drives a sustainable brand concentrating her efforts on environmentally friendly, cruelty free products. A Touch of Beauty showcases hundreds of products working closely under a well-established, trusted brand.

Specialising in beauty & skincare, Naomi Cooper is on a mission to raise awareness of current issues such as feminism, self-love & self-awareness. Utilising her social media as a channel, it was clear when we started, A Touch of Beauty's social media marketing material had to be on point with customised video, motion stories, campaigns & posts.

A Touch of Beauty maintains a healthy relationship with The Bodyshop at Home, as an ambassador for Bodyshop products, A Touch of Beauty secures a comfy spot on their chosen social platform as both a page & group, to which a successful community of eco-warrior, skin loving crowds began networking, soon word was out, after all the hard work, overworked keyboards & custom content, it was paying off & Naomi's marketing collaboration efforts continued to drive more sales, engagement & interest among current & new followers.

Business was booming, the content required for Instagram, Facebook & Twitter was becoming increasingly vital to engage with new followers and prospects. A Touch of Beauty's content was created for each platform requirement, made to fit, invoking exciting, colourful and clean designs, consistent with the targeted platform.

We were challenged to create enough content to increase the customer following allowing the brand to thrive on those channels, promoting eco-friendly products & educating the audience with fun, bitesize posts. Balancing design marketing and social media is crucial in gaining brand awareness. With the overflow of digital content, images & memes, now is important than ever to ensure your posting efforts convey visually directive & engaging content.

Knowing ones audience is key when promoting your content. Studies have shown that millennials and Gen Z consumers spend several hours each day interacting with social and digital content.

We met up, discussed ideas and focused on product adverts, short videos, story campaigns & competitions. Their content was based upon user uploaded content which lacked personality & visual storylines, by engaging with our services, we were able to produce eye-catchy, fun content.

And so it began! We kick-started our campaign on Social Media with a custom made video at 17 seconds specifically for stories. Constant notification *bings* told us engagement was up and hashed positive results.

"Sustainability and looking after the planet is at the heart of our business, we want to instil positive attitudes & hard work into our brand. We have a target demo who follow the newest trends, are vegans or vegetarians, activists or influencers and we want to resonate with them. Luxury does not have to be cruel."

It was then that A Touch of Beauty realised in order to earn a loyal, engaging fan base, content was key! Of course, running an online business which involves selling, promoting, delivering and not to mention all the legalities that comes with it, demands a lot of time, being a one person business is tricky.

It was decided that in order to produce consistently engaging content design with a 'feel good' message, Naomi Cooper took up our VIP designs subscription service saving hundreds of pounds a month in marketing and furthermore saving time so she can concentrate on the aspects of the business she loves, selling cruelty-free products & promoting awareness on environmental issues.

Are you looking for creative, unique content for your social media? Take a look at some of our subscriptions or order from our online shop.
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