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Summer Wedding Photography at St Ives

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Recently, I was lucky enough to photograph the gorgeous wedding of Michael and Katherine which took place in the quirky and charismatic town of St Ives with it’s quaint tiny roads & more than ‘a bit bolshy’ seagulls, at The Harbour Hotel & Spa.

Myself and my assistant arrived at the location slightly early to get a good peek around the hotel (without getting lost) before the days events unfolded. Upon my arrival a quick joke with the reception staff broke the ice and I was shown to the ceremony room.

It was a beautiful ceremony with a few giggles & lots of grins, the complementary colour schemes and little details were to die for, not to mention the big windows showcasing the glorious beach views.

Next, it was time for drinks and soaking up the rays on the sunny terrace which overlooked the infamous views of Porthminster beach, the hotel was an ideal location for a summer wedding and the weather was more than kind to us.

Floating about I took some candids keeping my presence unobtrusive. The couple were loved up to the max, happily showing their affections to one another which meant I could get some authentic and genuine shots.

We made our way down a small path leading from the hotel terrace to the beach, which gave an easy route for some photos of both groups, couples and the Bride & Groom. Remaining unobtrusive, I documented the wedding party making their way across the beach, stopping just ahead of the shore for shots of the Bride & Groom. Complimenting the scenery perfectly was the Grooms teal tie, and the soft golden sands flattered their skin tones. Our way back up to the hotel was a good workout to say the least and appetites were primed in time for some delicious food!

Piñata time! Oh yes, there was a piñata and it was spectacular! Get ya blindfolds on and take out some healthy aggression on a paper unicorn, all of course, in the name of Haribo! Positioning myself head on to the unfortunate piñata probably wasn’t the best idea, as I was almost impaled a few times by flying unicorn debris, but us photographers laugh in the face of danger if it results in awesome photos, including the decapitated head of a unicorn. (No actual unicorns were harmed in the making of this wedding).

Wrapping up the day, we got some cake cutting shots and bouquet throwing, followed by a little boogie with the kids. It was a great day with lots of humour and laughs, thank you to Michael and Katherine for being yourselves and choosing myself to photograph your important day, I wish you both all the best for the future!

If you like what you see and want a candid approach to your wedding photos, get in touch at admin@zoebuttersphotographydesign.co.uk or give me a ring on 07495574550.

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