A bit about me...

A creative streak certainly runs in the family. My late Mother (and inspiration) was an extremely talented writer who ran a successful marketing company in technology.


My earliest passion was writing. I was quite an insular child and spent much of my time writing horror stories and poems in my room, I was also obsessed with building houses on The Sims! I remember getting a polaroid camera at 8 years old and loved it, I took a keen interest in photography at 14/15.


I went on to study Media at college - I love tech and the abundance of it was heaven for me! After completion I went on to study an Art Degree specialising in Photography -  graduating in 2015 in Southampton. I was then hired to work on P&O Cruise ships as a photographer for a 6 month contract. During this time I learnt to think on my feet, stay cool under pressure, maintain a positive attitude and have patience. It was one of the most challenging, but exhilarating things I have ever done and I will be forever grateful for what it has taught me.

After losing my Mum in 2016 I moved back to Cornwall where I took some time out for myself after I became very ill. I started to help with little bits in her late business ran by my Dad and began to learn the fundamentals of design & marketing. I decided to set up a business in photography & design in late 2018, dipping my toe in the world of business. I learnt so much and achieved a number of successful projects for clients. The work included weddings, events, commercial/product photography, logos, video editing and graphic design for posters/leaflets/business cards etc.

Now I'm ready for my next venture! Specialising in photography and design for digital marketing and advertising I aim to create original and thought-provoking content capturing brands and raising eyebrows. No more cheesy stock photos, boring templates or complicated licencing. My mission is clear, to embrace my passion & help businesses thrive in a saturated commercial market and bring you results through your social media content.


Collaborating & creating work you envision is both humbling and rewarding.